What type of custom towels to choose?

Whether for a linen collection, for a hotel or as an original gift, the personalized towel is a useful & essential textile item.

Even if there is not a plethora of variety possible as for ready-to-wear, personalized bath linen offers a fairly large variety in the choice of types of fabrics, qualities & types of personalization.

Depending on the needs (types of use, quantity & quality required), different modes of customization will be possible for bath and beach towels.

What type of personalized towel is suitable for a hotel or SPA (inn, lodge, etc.)?

For bathroom use, the cotton terry towel is the classic towel that will satisfy hotel guests.

On the other hand, for use at the sea or on the beach, the beach fouta will be more suitable because it is light and more compact. The beach fouta takes up less space in the washing machine and dries faster than a classic toweling sheet.

For use in spa institutes, the microfiber sheet (polyester) may be more suitable (if using massage oil).

Which customized towel to choose to give as a gift?

Once again, it is above all the use that takes precedence, will the personalized towel be dedicated:

  1. At the sports
  2. At the beach or swimming pool
  3. In the kitchen
  4. In bath

 Depending on the destination of the gift (goodie), different types of personalized towels are available to you.

What are the different types of towels and bath sheets?

There are of course several sizes of towels and bath sheets, but below is a representation of the vast majority of existing bath towels.

bath towels sizes

What branding techniques are suitable for personalizing bath towels?

There are several types of marking on towels and bath sheets, but we will focus on those that represent the vast majority of the bath textile market.

Embroidered towels

Machine pour broderie

Embroidery is the reproduction of the visual with threads thanks to its needle system and can be applied to almost all textiles.
The thickness of the embroidery thread brings relief to the marking for an aesthetic and classy rendering.
The lifespan of the embroidery is excellent, very little chance of damaging it and above all it will bring real added value to the towel.
However, the reproduction of visuals with gradients or shadow effects will not be possible in embroidery. The max dimension will also be limited.

Here are some examples of personalized textiles with embroidery that Towelmed offers:

- Embroidered luxury slippers

- Embroidered Turkish peshtemal towel

- Terry headband

- Bathrobes

- Dressing gowns

Serviette éponge brodée

Screenprinting on towel (also called silkscreen)

Direct printing technique where the ink is deposited on the textile via a screen acting as a stencil.
The ink is diffused on the fabric thanks to a stretched mesh, drawn by a squeegee.
It is the bestseller of textile printing because it is suitable for all types of fabric (cotton, polyester, nylon, etc.) and inexpensive.
As the paint is deposited on the textile, there is a precise transcription and vibrant colors.

Suitable for large productions, its prices depend on the number of colors and its dimensions.
But the printing is done 1 color at a time which limits the number of colors and prolongs the production time.
However, it is not suitable for the terry towel because a flat surface is required for screen printing.
We prefer screen printing for a beach fouta for example, hotel slippers or even for tote bags.

Technical advice: It is better to reserve the screen printing on a white part of the textile to be marked to avoid the undercoat, and therefore avoid the "plastic" touch. If the screen printing is done on a white base, the touch will be almost impossible to detect, and will not alter the feel of the textile in any way.

Here are some textile items that can be personalized in screen printing with Towelmed:


- Slippers with printed logo

- CUSTOM Tote bag or pouch

screenprinted beach towel

Sublimation printing on towel

sublimated towel

Printing technique at high temperature (between 180 and 200°C) and at high pressure, where the ink pigments impregnate the textile (unlike screen printing which is affixed to the surface of the textile).
The big advantage of the sublimated towel is that the visual covers the entire towel in quadrichrome (multicolor) and indelibly.
The downside is that sublimation is done on a polyester surface.

Towelmed still offers the double-sided towel: polyester front for sublimation and cotton terry back to have the advantages of terry cotton on the part for drying, and four-color marking on the entire surface on the front for the most beautiful effect in HD quality. .

Here is a selection of bespoke textiles with sublimation printing:




Jacquard woven towel

Jacquard weaving is not a type of marking but rather a type of weaving which is done on a jacquard loom.
The towel will be made during its weaving on the loom, when the warp and weft threads intertwine depending on the design to be reproduced.

This is the ROLLS of the personalized towel, the design or logo is reproduced during the production of the towels, once out of the loom no more modifications will be possible.
This is why an upstream check and validation, before the launch of the weaving will be mandatory.
A specific installation by design will be necessary on the loom, and it is for this reason that there will be a certain minimum order to respect.
The weaving of a single jacquard towel is not possible in view of the costs and the labor necessary for the entire installation of the loom.
There are 2 types of jacquard towels:

• Yarn-dyed jacquard towel (for design in 2 colors)
• Jacquard towel in relief terry (also called chiselled terry) in solid color
• Towel with jacquard batten (custom band with logo or jacquard woven patterns).

Here are some examples of jacquard towels that Towelmed can custom-make for your brand:

Jacquard fouta in dyed threads (one color + white)

Relief jacquard terry towel (plain color in chiseled terry)

Yarn-dyed jacquard terry towel (2 colors)

Terry towel with jacquard batten (personalized band).

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