In order to personalize an object or a textile, there are several marking techniques, we can cite flocking, screen printing or digital printing, but in this article we will focus on the sublimation technique, a recent high-tech process.

• What is sublimation printing on textiles ?

Basically sublimation is a printing method that transfers a design into a material or fabric using ink, heat, and high pressure.

Its particularity lies in the fact that it allows the ink to be directly impregnated into the fibers of the textile rather than being affixed to the surface like most other printing techniques (screen printing or flocking for example).

Fouta Pool by Towelmed

How to print by sublimation on textiles ?

Sublimation sur textile

This technique is based on the physical process of the same name: sublimation. It is the transformation of a body from a solid state to a gaseous state, without going through a liquid state. In this way, the ink vaporizes in the heart of the textile fiber to permanently mark it, making it less prone to fading.

First, the design is reverse-printed with a high-quality printer on special heat-resistant paper (transfer paper or coated paper). This paper is then placed on the textile and is transferred with a strong pressure and at high temperature (between 180 ° and 200 °) so that the pigments of the ink are transformed into gas and impregnate the textile by solidifying in the water. even within matter.

This process is comparable to tattooing: just as the needle permeates the tissues of the skin with ink, the high temperature and the strong pressure permeates those of the textile.

• What are the sublimable supports ?

The different types of sublimable supports

Sublimation printing is suitable for many substrates as long as their surfaces are covered with a layer of polymer. It is therefore possible, thanks to a coating, to make a marking by sublimation on ceramics, plastic, or even certain metals such as aluminum.

With regard to textiles, sublimation printing is only suitable for those containing at least 60% polyester of white or light color on the side that will be printed. It is possible to personalize clothing (t-shirt, cap ...), leather goods (bags, wallets ...) or even everyday or household objects (towel with polyester batting for sublimation, plaid, bath towel with polyester batten, phone pocket ...).

• The advantages and disadvantages of sublimation print on textiles


The biggest advantage of this technique is the freedom to choose the design to be applied to the textile, something that is not always possible with other marking techniques.
It also offers the ability to display all types of gradients with vibrant colors and excellent contrast levels, offering an endless choice of design to print.
The durability of this type of printing is also a plus because it offers the guarantee of a marking that does not peel or fade, even after a large number of washes.
In addition, sublimation is one of the most environmentally friendly printing processes, given its low level of vapor emission and low CO2 content.


Its main drawback lies in the lack of freedom in the choice of materials. This is because sublimation printing is only suitable for garments that contain at least 60% polyester. Although this process is still possible on other textiles such as cotton, the result will be less resistant to washing and the colors will eventually lose their hues.
Another drawback is that sublimation on textiles can only be done on a white or light-colored fabric.

Since the ink is soaked into the fibers of the fabric, they should be white in color or light enough to allow the ink to solidify and give it its color. As with hair dyeing, hairdressers first bleach the strands before applying the desired color: sublimation follows the same principle.

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