You have certainly heard of the fouta or the peshtemal towel! This towel is enjoying growing success today. The uses of the peshtemal towel (also called fouta in Tunisia) are numerous. It is a must-have of Mediterranean culture and now on all the beaches of the world!

• What is a peshtemal towel ?

The Turkish Peshtemal (also called the fouta or foutah in Tunisia), is native from Turkey and also from Tunisia. It is called a hammam sheet because it is at the heart of hammams that this towel was born.

The peshtemal is a kind of bath towel with fringes at the ends. Thanks to its lightness, its large size (1 to 2 meters) and its capacity to absorb water, it has long been used in hammams. Extremely soft and handcrafted from 100% cotton, the Turkish peshtemal is the most popular bath towel.

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• What are the different uses of Turkish peshtemal towel ?

pareo towel

Although the Turkish peshtemal (or peshtamal) has long been used as a hammam towel, but today it can be used for several purposes.

The peshtemal can be used not only as a bath towel but also as a table cloth, sheet or beach towel, sarong for women, men and children, light blanket, yoga or fitness mat etc. ...

This accessory exists in several sizes. So you can find mini foutas of 50 x 90 cm that you can use to dry your hair and even for kitchen use.

Ultra compact, soft and available in many colors with different patterns, the Turkish peshtemal is the accessory that you absolutely must have.

Very practical to use, it is the must have of the most trendy accessories. The Turkish peshtemal is also the best alternative to thick towels.

• What are the different types of the peshtemal towel ?

peshtemal towel Different types of weaving

Turkish peshtemal towel's different types of weaving

The Turkish peshtemal exist in several models. These models are distinguished from each other by the type of the weaving, but have in common the nature of the raw material used (cotton), compactness and softness.

Here are different weaving types of peshtemal towel:

These models have very varied designs, are available in all kinds of colors, sober and vibrant, and are perfectly suited for many uses.

• What are the stages of making a peshtemal towel?

peshtemal towel manufacturing process

The Turkish peshtemal towel is woven with looms. Although weaving is automated, the fringes are traditionally knotted by hand and the production conforms to OekoTex standard 100.

The peshtemal towel manufacture is based on weaving. It’s one of the oldest techniques in the world. To create a peshtemal, 2 systems of threads are used, the warp threads and the weft threads. The fouta is thus obtained thanks to the intermingling of these wires perpendicularly.

In the diagram opposite, the thread (1) is the warp thread (vertical) and the thread (2) is the weft thread (horizontal).

We make your tailor-made peshtemal towel with white warp, and weft yarn with your Pantone color or from our color panel.

The fringes of the peshtemal are always knotted with the warp threads.

Source image: Wikipedia.

• How to supply quality Turkish peshtemal towels?

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