There are 2 types of terry cotton bath towel weaving:

- Armure weaving

- Jacquard weaving.

In this article we will focus on the weaving of jacquard toweling, which allows the most prestigious representation of a logo or design on the towel.

• What is a jacquard woven towel ?

A jacquard terry towel is a bath or beach towel in which a specific logo or pattern has been woven into the towel using a loom called a jacquard loom.

Not to be confused with embroidery, which can be done on an already finished towel.

Jacquard weaving is not a marking technique like embroidery or printing, but rather a specific weaving that can only be achieved with a jacquard loom.

The jacquard towel is entirely made during its weaving in the loom, once the towel is woven, no modification will be possible.

what is a jacquard towel

• What are the different types of jacquard woven towels ?

Several types of jacquard towels exist:

  •      Yarn-dyed jacquard terry towel (2 colors)
  •      Jacquard beach towel (flat peshtemal cotton towel)
  •      Terry towel with jacquard border or batten (custom band)
  •      Jacquard raised terry towel also called relief towel.

Let's take a look at the jacquard terry towel in dyed yarn, characterized by the possibility of representing a logo / design in 2 colors on the entire surface of the terry towel.

Types of jacquard woven towels

The 5 steps to make a jacquard terry towel in yarn dyed

1/ First the textile designer transfers the design (PDF) to be represented in the necessary format suitable for weaving thanks to the software. In the past, this step consisted of punching cards according to each design, a card represented a single design, which was much more tedious to set up.

     2/ Then to make this jacquard towel in dyed yarns, you have to dye the yarns in the desired colors according to the Pantone color codes defined beforehand. A jacquard terry towel will most of the time be in 2 colors only, except if the design to be woven has stripes from one end to the other, where it will be possible to weave for example a towel with 6 colors in the same design .

     3/ Once the yarns are dyed, they must be placed on the loom.

     4/ From there, the weaving is launched and no more modification will be possible. As an option, after weaving, the towels can undergo a shaving operation on one side in order to obtain a velvet side. This operation is rather reserved for beach towels, favoring the shaved velvet side so as not to retain the sand.

      5/ Finally the weaves are finished, the towels in the form of rolls go to confection where they will be cut out and the edges will be sewn (backhand).

Jacquard towels are ready.

• The pros and cons of making custom jacquard terry towels

The pros

  • Representation of a two-tone logo / pattern on the entire surface of the towel
  • Premium rendering
  • Comfort of use of the intact towel
  • Excellent visual communication

The cons

  • Complex loom set up + yarn dyeing requiring high order minimums
  • Expensive manufacturing due to specificity by design.

• Jacquard terry towels (dyed yarns) made by Towelmed for your brand

Are you looking for a fully customized jacquard terry bath towel manufacturer?

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Discover below some of the jacquard terry towels that we can custom manufacture for your brand.

Custom logo design jacquard woven terry bath towel

Custom towel manufacture 100% cotton terry bath towel, logo weaving and custom design in dyed yarns made with jacquard loom.Your logo, patterns are woven into the body of the towel with the yarns dyed according to your Pantone color code.The design can be represented on the full surface of the towel, and the colors will be reversed on the back due to the...

Custom design woven cotton terry towel 70*140 cm

Special manufacture of Bath towel in 70x140 cm sizes - 100% terry cotton, logo weaving and custom design in dyed yarns.Your logo is woven into the body of the towel in yarn dyed to your Pantone code.The design can be represented on the entire surface of the towel, and the colors will be reversed on the back due to the jacquard weave.The jacquard weave of...

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Luxury bath and fitness towel in 50x100 cm, logo and jacquard woven design in dyed yarns, made to measure.This terry cotton towel will be perfect to represent logo or design on the full surface of the towel, in color and in terry fabric for maximum comfort of use. Ask for a quote {gformbuilderpro:3}

You want a custom production of jacquard terry towels ?

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